The aromatic materials we process

The essential oils produced by HIERBAS PATAGONICAS S.R.L are absolutely pure, and most of them are certified as organic products both for the European and U.S. markets. This ensures that our processes are completely traceable to the very farms that produce the plants we use. Consumers are assured that there is no contamination at all in the oils they buy, whether they come from cultivated species (lavender, Patagonia Ponderosa pine, Patagonia Douglas fir) or from native plants collected in the Patagonian fields (“palo de piche,” “botón de oro,” “charcao,” “paramela”, etc.). In the latter case, an ecological management of the plant population is required in order to ensure a sustainable harvest.

New technologies and products development

HIERBAS PATAGONICAS S.R.L. has developed a series of technologies in order to offer its clients new products based on Patagonian aromatic plants. Recently we’re also producing and marketing an excelent cold pressed Rose Hip Oil.